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Inverse ETFs Explained: How to Bank When The Market Falls

Did you know you don’t have to Short anything in the market to make money when it crashes?  It’s true, and a lot of traders …

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Setting Your Initial Stop Loss

Setting An Initial Stop Loss Rules and Practice Your Initial Stop Loss is something you set immediately after purchasing a stock. The purpose of the …

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HMNY Longs: The Most Gullible Bulls in the China Shop

We don’t mean to be rude…and I apologize personally and profusely if the title offends you. But the “Bulls” of HMNY have been wrong time …

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✒️Black Ink Trading Tips

✒️Black Ink is what you use when you are recording your PROFITS. You always want to be in a position to use black ink! The …

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The Predictable Market Hypothesis

[Charts used describe movement in MTBC, TLGT, and ZSAN, although each of these particular patterns already played out.] Ever since I was a kid looking …

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