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PLUS the “ALMOST Swings N Scalps Scanner!

Starting the week of May 15, 2023, we will broadcast a free version of our Subscription Scanners!  This scanner is the “base-model” for all our scanners on the website, but it does not use some of the more advanced Volume signals.  So, this scanner will call 90% of the runners every single day, BUT it will also call a lot of picks that only move 1-5% before falling back down.  This is a great RESEARCH tool, but there will be far too many hits to take all of them.  If you like the results, but would like a scanner that uses those more advanced volume signals to narrow the options down, check out our subscription scanners!

The other scanner running on this page will show all the ETFs and ETNs which have shown strong bullish technical indicators in the recent days. The best way to use this as a tool is to view it daily and verify if the ETFs/ETNs showing up are long or inverse. If they are inverse, it is a sign that the market might be headed for a short-term pullback.

If you look here and see BULLISH ETF/ETN tickers, then the scanner’s probability and success rates increase a lot.  The best days to research a scanner pick here are the days when bullish ETFs are intermingling the other long picks!

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