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The next Webinar/Seminar is June Saturday and Sunday, June 8 and 9.  This seminar is specifically for Beginner Traders who are hoping to add basic Technical Analysis to their toolbox.  Traders will specifically learn:

  1. How to properly time an entry into a short term trade so that you buy before a bullish period.  We do this using the BASIC variables, MACD, Williams %R, and the TTMTrend.
  2. How to use different Order Types to protect a trades downside, and protect profits as they come.  Order types include Market Orders, Limit Orders, Trailing Stop Limit orders, and OCO trading.
  3. Specific rules to follow, that traders will make for themselves using a Mad-Lib approach where you are given the outline but fill in the specifics that you are comfortable with.  Like when to bail on a failed idea, or when to begin to sell when you are profitable.
  4. How to build Sympathy Runner Watchlists, so that when a ticker explodes 100% or more one morning, you know where to look for other potential quick trades.  Instead of chasing runners, it is important to learn how to identify other potential runners before they go.  Kyle will build a few sympathy runner watchlists and show you how to use them.
  5. How to use catalysts to trade, and where to find those catalysts before they happen, or right as they happen.
  6. About all the free resources available to traders, and how to use them quickly.

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