Guide to Advanced Technical Analysis


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This 2nd textbook builds on the first one by adding:

  1. The DPO_MOBO, a leading indicator for the MACD
  2. The Relative Volume Standard Deviation, and how to use it to identify Large Pockets, Hedge Funds, Insiders, or other whales attempting to accumulate quietly during sideways or bearish periods.
  3. The VWAP: Weighted Moving Average support and resistance analysis, meant to minimize bullish entries, and maximize the probability of a successful, short term, trade.
  4. The Fibonacci Retracement Levels, and how to use them to identify specific-to-the-penny, pullback entry spots after a bullish period. Combining this with the bullish entry indicators from the Guide to Technical Indicators, and the signals from this book, significantly increase the probability of a successful trade, which you will see from the end of chapter quiz sections!
  5. A form for readers to set their own personal trading rules. The rules are laid out in a way to show how adjusting your rules can lead to more consistent portfolio growth, even while a trader is still working on their success rate!

This book comes with a link to download the updated Textbook Swings Scanner directly to your Think or Swim, as well as a code to access it on the website free!

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