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Mobile World Congress

February 27 @ 8:00 am - March 2 @ 5:00 pm

Companies we have identified so far (look for updates):

The full list of companies attending is available here  however be forewarned, there are hundreds of companies attending, many are not listed in the US or even publicly traded at all.  And the MWC organizers haven’t made it easy by putting the companies ticker symbols next to them for use like other events have (if they’re reading this, we still love ya!).  So We will be updating the list of companies that we have found that are listed on US exchanges on a daily basis for the week or two leading up to the event, as it is tedious and redundant and we can only handle so much of this kind of research at a time!

Mobile World Congress is a big event, where hundreds of companies converge to the same location and present overwhelmingly positive information throughout the event.  Additionally, there are tons of attendees, many of which are potential investors just looking for their next big thing.

Within the event you find lots of companies with large market caps, who don’t tend to move with rumors as much.  But you also find plenty of very small companies who will likely release their own PR about attending the event, and they will benefit from any PR the MWC puts out itself.  Also, it is important to note, that at the MWC companies often present brand new products and sign new contracts, so there is a lot of real news that can be generated from this event.

Runup Traders (who prefer to buy the rumor and sell the news) have lots of things to look at for events like this.  Smaller Cap companies who are in a bit of a sell-off in the month before can start to see some big reversals as PR starts coming out and traders start to position themselves into them.

Event Traders probably can find a few ideas that spike on the news (if they have a big new product or sign a new coorporate contract and brag about it.  However, these traders would want to have a deep knowledge of exactly what the company was presenting, their cash position and cash burn, stock price performance over the last month or two, and a variety of other variables.  Scalpers who play the events would be monitoring the smaller cap companies for days when volume exceeds average daily volume rapidly and early in the day, indicating that perhaps the companies presentation is landing with attendees.

Keep in mind that just like traders, management of these companies are in the business of “buying low and selling high.”  As in, if the stock price has suddenly doubled for a company that has a need to raise money through an offering, they are highly likely to drop an offering.  Years ago WATT was in need of cash and they saw their stock price double in the month before the event.  Two days after MWC was closed they dropped an offering.  Short term traders might have been upset by this, but it was the right thing to do for the company and the Long Term shareholders appreciated that they were diluted by half as many shares as it would have taken the month prior.  The point of this paragraph is to say, beware the risks of playing with small cap stocks and if and when profits appear, its never wrong to protect them!


February 27 @ 8:00 am
March 2 @ 5:00 pm