Setting Your Initial Stop Loss

Setting An Initial Stop Loss Rules and Practice Your Initial Stop Loss is something you set immediately after purchasing a stock. The purpose of the Initial Stop Loss is to protect unexpected downside. Any good trader would move their Stop Loss up as their trade became more profitable, or use a trailing Stop Loss to […]

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AXAS of Profits

Everyone seems to want a piece of AXAS these days.  After years of treading water with significant debt and mounting losses, things have really turned a corner for the company. The following is an analysis about AXAS, an oil company that is 53% institutionally held (that’s a very high percentage in my experience), and has […]

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✒️Black Ink Trading Tips

✒️Black Ink is what you use when you are recording your PROFITS. You always want to be in a position to use black ink! The following are important guidelines I always follow to ensure I use black ink as often as possible. These are “Trading Tips,” not “Investing Tips,” keep that in mind! 1) 🚧Safety […]

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