Swings for the Week of April 23

Hi everyone. I am pretty excited about the charts I found this week. I went through 5 times as many charts as I usually do, and was afforded the chance to be pickier since I had such a large sample size. Having said that I do want to remind everyone that on purely technical swings the market has to remain optimistic for them to catch fire. However, a little good news, upcoming catalyst, or objective bullish statistic could help push these up even if the market falls. And always be aware of any warrant situation. Dilution will 100% of the time crash any of these Swings.

I want to be more specific with this analysis, and show a chart that allows me to draw indicators in them. So this week the format will be that each analysis will be listed below it’s chart. On each chart I will highlight the important indicators as follows (by hand, so they won’t be drawn perfectly, but it’ll work for our purposes:

1) I will mark the original top of the swing, where it dropped from in Blue.

2) I will track along the leveling off of the drop in Blue as well.

3) I will underline the first indicator (pop from lowest support) in Yellow.

4) I will use a Green marking to show the approximate change in support level from before and after the spike (2nd Indicator). It will look something like __/— once hand drawn.

5) If applicable I will use red to indicate the swing confirmation (an ascending triangle, pennant, falling wedge, or other bullish formation) after the 2 indicators.

SD-PT:15.80, then 16.50. Risk: Medium. Reward Potential: Medium

SD fell about 20% over the last 3 months. While the spike indicator isn’t as impressive as we usually want, the action after that spike has been strong. Especially initially with the pennant formation. If the pattern maintains its trajectory there is 10-20% upside over 2-6 weeks. If oil prices skyrocket, the pattern could speed up and hit sooner.

MDXG-PT: 8.50-8.70. Risk: Medium/High. Reward Potential: Medium/High

MDXG has taken a long time to bring some strength back to the picture. It had a week indicator, but the price action since then has been bullish, capped by an ascending triangle to end last week.

SNOA-PT: 4.25, then 4.60. Risk: Medium/High. Reward Potential: Medium

SNOA is higher risk for two reasons. 1, we haven’t had a strong bullish pattern on the chart since the two indicators. 2, I always worry about warrants, and this is a prime situation for some sort of dilutionary event. It’s just a gut feeling, so I could be wrong of course.

CAAP-PT: 13.80. Risk: Low. Reward Potential: Low/Medium

CAAP seems like a coincidentally out of favor stock. It was on a downward trajectory, but traders look like they got ahead of themselves and left the trade. This left room on the table for a little profit on, what seems like, a less risky stock.

OZM-PT: 2.40-2.60. Risk: Medium/High. Reward Potential: Low

OZM is a much weaker chart then others. I believe it sprung up on a “Reversal Scanner” and that may have put it over the top for me. But looking closer the Risk:Reward Potential isn’t in my favor, and more then that, I am aware of litigation the company is involved with that may end up causing them millions in fines, and more in court fees. If that court case turns out favorable though, this one surely swings, and then some.

SBGL-PT: 4.00. Risk: Low. Reward Potential: Low

(UPDATE: As long as Subscribers are being alerted to buy JDST, the gold swings are NOT in play)

SBGL we are definitely late to the party on. The 2nd red Bullish Flag was the confirmation of the swing, and the rise in gold prices last week certainly helped. If Gold continues to rise, so will SBGL. The big risk is gold prices, which will only rise if the market is worried about inflation or protectionism. I won’t play this myself, because I trade JDST and JNUG when I am bearish or bullish on gold, respectfully. However, if you’re looking for a one company shot at gold, there may be another 10% left on this swing.

NGD-PT: 2.70, then 2.90. Risk: Medium. Reward Potential: Medium

(UPDATE: As long as Subscribers are being alerted to buy JDST, the gold swings are NOT in play)

NGD is another gold play that, in this moment, has more risk and more reward Potential involved. The confirmation on the swing here is much more significant, with the Bullish Pennant indicating a move up for them Monday. Of course, as with any gold play, the price of gold will determine if this follows through.

TVG-PT: 7.00+ Risk: High. Reward Potential: High

TVG is not showing a confirmation of the swing, and even more bearish is the lack of strength on Friday. However, in addition to having a little swing formation, there is an upcoming Earnings Announcement on Wednesday or Thursday. I like to play companies that have fallen before their EA because if they meet or beat expectations the stock price will pop. High risk for many reasons, which is why there is such a high reward Potential as well. This one is going to be interesting to watch this week, whether or not you trade it.

YOGA-Pt: 2.50, then 2.70. Risk: Medium. Reward Potential: Medium/High

YOGA is another one of those failed IPOs that I love to trade every once in a while. When a companies IPO failed, I always think that the valuation of the company originally isn’t at fault, it is something more to do with investor relations and communications from management. Having said that, in this case now, there is a swing, both indications, with a good pop and a great resulting level of support, followed by a nice ascending triangle! Due to the nature of this chart, this may be the only play on the list that I move into earlier on Monday instead of waiting to see how the pattern shakes out.

NAP-PT: 5.45, then 6.00+. Risk: High. Reward Potential: High

NAP is HIGH RISK, but the potential reward is staggering. First, the drybulk industry is rife with tickers that are easily manipulated and highly volatile. When you catch it on the way up, it’s a windfall. If you catch it and it turns on you, you’re in big trouble. But we have a strong indicator from last week, and if the last day of the week is legitimate support, then we have a good 2nd indicator as well. There was also an analyst upgrade last week from JP Morgan (Navios Maritime Midstream +14% after double upgrade at J.P. Morgan http://www.seekingalpha.com/news/3347342).

TAPM-PT: .125. Risk: High. Reward Potential: High

TAPM is very risky. If that pop on Friday decides to turn, there is unknowable downside. If trade this, I will use a tight Stop Loss. However if there is even a small increase in volume, or if this drop was just a fluke, the upside is 15-20%. Add to that, it’s an unknown ticker trading on pink sheets, or some obscure exchange, so it’s likely unregulated and a terrible medium term or longer investment.

CALI-PT: Risk: Beyond High. Reward Potential: Beyond High

CALI is a lottery ticket. This stock can explode when the chat rooms and StockTwit bots start putting it on everyone’s radar. It’s maybe a little more legitimate then FTFT, but just ask risky. You’re trade strategy is to beat the pumpers and get out before the dump. Having said that, there has been a strong indication of a swing for some time, and this is the first time we have had a small bullish indicator, a Bullish Pennant, to end of the last week. Only gamble what you’re willing to lose if this one speaks to you.

CLXT-PT: 18.30, then 20.00. Risk: Low/Medium. Reward Potential: Medium

CLXT started as an alert last week, and has since blossomed into a full blown swing. If it manages to pop above 18.20 then I believe it will head to around 21, but I was a little more conservative with my PTs. The risk is elevated only because the downside is actually pretty steep. If it fell $1.50, it would still be I’m a swing pattern.

Those are the new swings for the Week. To quickly wrap up, below are the Swings from last week that still show charts that indicate the swing is in play. I won’t analyze them any further, but I do want to post the charts and note that in each of these, what I wrote last week still applies. Just one note, SEED is incredibly high risk, because there is no discernible support level anymore. But it’s on the list because it’s Reward Potential is also very high:

I will use this entire list when I make alerts next week. If you’re wanting to drop some risk (and potential reward), you can always wait to see if I alert to it showing strength or weakness, and then do your own DD of course!

Of course, nothing I say should be taken as investment advice. Best thing to do is to study the charts and preform any DD you typically do, then make a decision all on your own! I just post charts and write words! Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Swings for the Week of April 23

  1. Hey Kyle The remind app keeps freezing up and currently unusable. Is it just me?

    Also just wondering if u had thoughts about the rights offering from ATOS. Would love an interpretation. Thanks!




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